About Us

To be persistent with slow steps and healthy growth and to keep our product

quality on the top are the unique aims of Salva Door brand. 

We call Salva Door brand as "art of the door"


Our firm was established by Salih KARAKAYA with the name "SALVADOOR" in 2011. In furniture industry with,

experiences coming from family and based on many years, our firm aims at presenting wider range of products to 

itself and its sector with Salvadoor firm, also it aims at qualified and reformer serving. Therefore, our firm undertakes 

as a duty to submit the best service to all clients who wish the best quality. Due to the fact that all products are 

produced by ourselves, they are not fabrication products. We produce totally hand-made productions.


In the future, we aim at broadening our dealership network. We want to broaden our authorized dealerships through


regions which addresses clients portfolio in Turkey and abroad. With fairs we attended, by broadening our

dealerships and projects in domestic and abroad we are progressing through being a worldwide brand. Now, we

have exports to Iraq, Azerbaijan and Libya. We have dealerships in these countries.; in addition, we have works on

project basis. In our dealerships in Turkey and abdorad, project and retail services are given.